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Béquet Caramels in New York City, Manhattan

Hey, I found Bequet Caramels in New York City!

Do you want to know where to buy Béquet Caramels, hand-made caramels from Montana, in New York/Manhattan? Well if you tried Googling it, you would’ve been very hard-pressed to find a useful result. Luckily, I did find this blog entry from Chelsea Market Baskets which talked about them (they’re sold for $18 a pound, or 50 cents apiece). Why the big deal? My roommate thinks they’re the best caramels ever and it was her birthday, and I spent the better part of my free time trying to find the damn things. Hopefully, the next New Yorker to Google the location will have an easier time. Or maybe Bequet will, in the section of their website where they brag about being sold at 650 stores, will put a damn list of said locations.