1.5 million photo views and counting

Snow storm in Times Square

A snow storm in Times Square, 2009. This photo was in my discarded pile until I went back through my old photos this year.

This weekend my Flickr account made it to the 1,500,000 pageviews mark. Just this January, I blogged how, after more than two years of being a Flickr pro user, I hit 1 million page views. So the pace is quickening.

The biggest change is that I submit more photos to the various Reddit photo forums: probably half of my submissions elicit a yawn, and a few others, such as the above photo of a snowstorm in Times Square*, rack up thousands of views thanks to Reddit’s avid user base.

Other photo milestones so far this year include releasing the Bastards Book of Photography, which features my photos both as good and bad examples for beginner photographers. Late last year, I blogged about posting my 3,000th photo to Flickr after about 3 years. In the nine months since, I’ve blown past 6,000 photos, thanks to my trips to Rome, Paris, and Hamburg for journalism conferences I’ve been honored to take part in.

Photography has always been a side hobby for me. With the professional market facing the same challenges as all traditional media, I don’t seriously entertain photography as a career choice. Yet every year I find myself spending more and more time taking and editing photos. It’s hard to avoid taking photos in a city like New York and I don’t think I’d still be spending money on cameras if I lived anywhere else. It also helps that there are so many opportunities in fashion and other media industries. So maybe it’ll be a decent side career after all.

That snow photo is actually from 2009. I dug it up when I was looking for original copies of the photos for my exhibit in Dresden. Yes, I can brag that I’m an internationally exhibited photographer, even if the show was relatively small :).

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