– A hand-made list of SOPA / PROTECT-IP Congressional supporters and opponents

I’ve always been interested in exploring the various online Congressional information sources and the recent SOPA debate seemed like a good time to put some effort in it…also, I’ve always wanted to try out the excellent isotope Javascript library.

I had been passively paying attention to the debate and was surprised at how hard it was to find a list of supporters and opponents, given how much it’s dominated my (admittedly small bubblish) internet communities.

When I set out to compile the list, though, I could see why…the official government sites don’t make it easy to find or interpret the information. So SOPAopera is my game attempt at putting some basic information about it…the feedback I’ve gotten so far indicates that even constituents who have been reading a lot about SOPA/PROTECT-IP are surprised at the level and diversity of support the laws have among Congressmembers.

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