Ten Favorite Photos of 2010

Some favorites

2010 wasn’t a very productive year for me in terms of photography. I can think of two factors: this investigative project taking up most of my time the latter part of the year, and getting a Canon S90 (well, two of them, since I lost one). Not that the S90 isn’t great; a few snapshots from it are on this list. But it made photography a lot more casual for me, rather than something I worked at.

So as a result, there’s not a lot of variety here and everything seems somewhat distant and impersonal. I don’t know if these are my top sentimental or technical favorites, but they’re the ones that stood out after a quick look-through of my Flickr this morning.

Brooklyn Bridge photographer-tourist, Photo of

The Brooklyn Bridge at night. I took this photo while waiting for my friend to take forever to do her touristy photos.

Cloudy sky over the Hudson

View of the Hudson. Nothing lazier than taking a photo from your office window. But clouds are pretty anywhere.

This is a composite of a series of just-stand-there-so-I-can-get-a-picture-of-you-so-the-designers-can-see-what-you-look-like photos I took during a model callout on Fashion Week. I think a good photo essay/coffee book could be done on what models choose to wear and why when trying out. There's got to be extra points for keeping a D.A.R.E shirt all this time, or using a safety pin as an earring.

Jumping for joy during New York blizzard, Times Square

Times Square, during Snowloko 2010. I don't care what anyone says. Times Square is hilarious at night.

Walking a BARC pitbull in Williamsburg, Metropolitan Ave. near Kent Ave. Kayrock Screen Printing mural.

Williamsburg, while walking dogs from the BARC rescue shelter.

Broadway south of Canal St., late night rainstorm

Broadway, just south of Canal St., from the entrance to New Work City. This was taken late at night during an all-nighter work session.

9/11 "Ground Zero Mosque" Protest/Anti-Protest, Sept. 11, 2010

'Ground Zero Mosque' protest during the Sept. 11 anniversary. Hmm. For some reason, I haven't seen many of these protests since after the election. I guess the protestors just accepted what they were worried was going to be a terrorist operations center.

Pushing a Taxi - New York Blizzard Snowstorm Thundersnow Blaaaaagh

Pushing a taxi through the East Village during Snowloko. For the last time, yes, I helped push this poor cabbie.

Battery Park, Sunset

Battery Park. The seems dramatic, but this woman was probably just bored on a nice evening. Her attire was well-coordinated with the strange light that day.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Screening of The Big Lebowski

Free movie night at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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