Lincoln Center, Illumination Lawn

Love the option of studying at the library and then resting on the new rooftop lawn, part of a Lincoln Center renovation unveiled this past Friday.

The lawn is the Times’ architecture writer’s favorite part of the renovation, though he dismissed the project as a whole as having a “tacked-on feeling” and “a surprising insensitivity to the way bodies flow through space”. Which is funny, because I think that the lawn, though it looks snazzy to the layman, seems to have an overall strange feel and look in the plaza, and I woud’ve guessed it to be nothing but a gimmick to architecture connoisseurs.

A new two-story structure, which will eventually house new facilities for the Film Society and a high-end restaurant, rises from ground level just to the west of the stair; its roof, covered by a vast, tilting lawn, overlooks the plaza. The project’s most dazzling space, the lawn warps up on two sides, so that climbing it can make you feel as if you were about to float off into the air on a carpet of green.

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