Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg Gets Caught With His Privacy Pants Down

UPDATE: This commenter notes that Hill has a friend of a friend with Zuckerberg, which is a different level of privacy than just the whole world. Hill did note that a previous look into Zuckerberg’s profile showed it to be private (though she may have made the mutual friend since then).

True/Slant’s Kashmir Hill catches Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg not quite grokking his own brainchild’s privacy policies.:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg either missed that article or doesn’t care. Back in October, I checked the Facebook profiles of the Facebook executive team, and found their privacy settings to be quite high.

Well, that’s changed. His profile is now on uber-public settings. I can see his wall, his photo albums, and his events calendar. Zuckerberg recently became a fan of Taylor Swift, uploaded graphic photos of “The Great Goat Roast of 2009″ three months ago, and plans to attend the Facebook holiday party on Friday night. I can even tell you where it’s going to be held.

You can check out his profile here.

I think it’s obvious that Zuckerberg did NOT intend for all his photos to get out there. He’s kept his profile public (possibly to save face, though in the before/after pics, his wall reads like a list of press releases) his photo albums are now hidden:

Before Kashmir Hill’s article:



Mark Zuckerberg's profile, now with more privacy!

Mark Zuckerberg's profile, now with more privacy!

Also related: Reuters financial blogger Felix Salmon, and many others, had his friend list scraped and posted by a rival financial-laws activist site.

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