Model Casting Snapshots for 2010 Fashion Week, for Spring/Summer

I got to help a friend with model casting for Fashion Week. It was both amazing and painful, mostly because I think I pulled something in my back after lifting my camera to take shots of several hundred people. After seeing that many models, I’m still not sure of the difference between a skinny tall person and a runway model. And also, how someone plain in person can look amazing in photos.

My photos were only so the designers could see how the models looked outside of their portfolio, so I didn’t do any direction (i.e. ‘OK, now give me mad. Now give me confused. Fabulous!’. It was basically yearbook photo day at the world’s most glamorous high school. And I couldn’t tell if their I-just-woke-up-barely-in-time-to-go-to-a-casting-call-and-didn’t-have-time-to-get-made-up was real or carefully constructed. It wouldn’t surprise me if their disheveled look was real, and what makes them a model is that they can do that and still look better than everyone else.

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