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photos.danwin.com: My new portfolio site in HTML5, with responsive CSS

After trying too hard to rewrite my really old Flash gallery as a jQuery plugin, I thought “to hell with it” and decided to join the one-pager trend: http://photos.danwin.com. I have to say, this was one of the more pleasant site-designing jobs I’ve done in awhile. I’m going to try to limit my sites to one-page or fewer from here on out.



I started with a HTML5 template from initializr.com and then tacked on the 1140 CSS grid sheet, a fluid framework.

As far as Javascript goes, besides jQuery, I’m using Ben Alman’s throttle-debounce plugin, Leandro Vieira’s lightbox plugin, and Ariel Flesler’s scrollTo plugin for the simple interaction bits.

It’s pretty rudimentary in terms of code sophistication…I haven’t yet decided how to lazy-load the images while still providing a full page for non-JS users. I think I’ll end up tacking on backbone.js and figuring out a JSON structure to load in the “galleries”. So, for now, deal with loading some 100+ images all at once from S3…

To me, it’s an improvement over the typical slideshow galleries in which only one image at a time is shown. Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough Big Picture show-stoppers to justify displaying every photo as full-screen. But I think there’s some artistic room in manually arranging the images as a collage and purposefully deciding the size of each image in relation to the others.

The best part is that with the 1140 grid system, not only was designing for variable-width desktop browsers (and placing the images) a breeze…the site works very well on the iPad and passably well on the iPhone…and I barely even left Google Chrome on my Mac during the whole development process.

Now I just have to get some better photos. And maybe think the typography a little more…Meanwhile, check it out: