Steve Wozniak’s Twitter bio

Steve Woz


I just glanced over Woz’s twitter profile because I wanted to tweet this Bloomberg article about him. What he notes in his 160-character-limited bio is notable for what it doesn’t contain.

Here it is in list form:

  1. Engineers first!
  2. Human rights.
  3. Gadgets.
  4. Jokes and pranks.
  5. Segways.
  6. Music and concerts.
  7. Gameboy Tetris*.

He recently did a Q&A over at Slashdot and someone asked him “Do you feel like you were dealt the short end of the stick where Apple is concerned?

Woz’s response:

Our union was very lucky. I think it was luckier for Jobs since I had strong internal philosophies that didn’t connect my happiness with business success or money or power. I built projects for myself and the Apple ][ was the 6th of those that Jobs saw (when he got into town) and said we could sell them. We always split the money evenly as far as I knew but money is not my thing in life. My best days were in the lab building things for myself. But I’m so nice that I give almost all my time now to young people and fans that I can help. I love my life the way it is and told that to Jobs in one of our last phone calls before his death.

A class act, through and through.

* Woz’s love of Tetris is one of my favorite side-stories about him. He was so prolific that his name was banned in the Nintendo Power listings for being listed too frequently. Here’s how he hacked around that.

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