Learning Music, the Python Way

Just bought this today: Pedro Kroger’s “Music for Geeks and Nerds”, which he announced on Hacker News (see discussion). The foundations of music is one area of knowledge that is totally beyond my grasp, so I’m always looking for new ways to learn it. And this book comes with code examples…so…sold!

Here’s the book blurb:

Are you interested in learning more about music but have found most material condescending or to present things magically instead of logically? The good news is that much of music can be understood with programming and math, two things you’re already good at! In this book you’ll learn some elements of music from a programmer’s perspective.

Kroger, according to his bio, is a professor of music composition, computer music, and computer science.

The book has a launch sale of $15.00, though the Kindle version (with no restriction on number of Kindle devices) is $9.99.

Check out the intermingling of musical notation and code:

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