Photos from outside of NYFW 2012 (Fall/Winter)

Fashion Week

Another Fashion Week come and gone. I didn’t have the time to go to any actual events but I did take part in a couple of related things:

I did portraits and some scenery photos during Correll Correll’s casting call. I didn’t really get time to set much up but it wasn’t too hectic of a shoot.

To make it easier for the casting director to keep track of them, the models were asked to hold up their cards while their portraits were taken. I think it’s really interesting how similar (or different) they look compared to their cards, without fancy makeup, lights or post-processing:

models and cards

The light changed drastically throughout the day and afternoon:

Fashion Week

NYFW 2012 Casting Call

So this wasn’t officially part of Fashion Week in anyway, but still the coolest fashion-related (and celebrity-sighting) experience I’ve had in the city. While me and my co-worker were exploring the ticker-paper-apocalypse after the Giants’ Super Bowl Parade, she spotted NYT fashion photog Bill Cunningham making his way down Broadway through the crowds and paper piles:

Bill Cunningham, on the street at the Super Bowl Giants Parade

Bill Cunningham, on the street, after the Super Bowl Giants Parade

I hadn’t yet finished watching his documentary so I was too intimidated to say “Hello.” Afterwards, I went home and watched it and wish I at least gave him a thumbs up. One of my favorite parts of the documentary is when Cunningham describes how he maintains his outsider status when invited to glam events. He’ll eat a modest meal beforehand and won’t even accept a glass of water while doing his work. Just like any other standup journalist. I hope I get to properly meet him one of these days.

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