Eye Heart New York

Bubble Dealer

A Bubble Dealer, on Spring St. and Broadway, shortly before the market crash of 2008

UPDATE: It is now a Tumblr: http://tumblr.eyeheartnewyork.com

It’s such a nice day out, I think I’ll make yet another blog about New York…

I’ve been looking for an area to test out HTML5, some other WP themes, and to shuffle all my New York-centric BS. I don’t know if I’ll ever complete this site about New York but at least I can get it indexed now.

Trying out Inuit Types, a half-magazine, half-blog format. Seems nice, though the image handling isn’t as flexible as I’d like. Or intuitive, at least.

I'm a programmer journalist, currently teaching computational journalism at Stanford University. I'm trying to do my new blogging at blog.danwin.com.