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Pilots marching on Wall Street

I had a brief moment of Internet popularity when this photo of United and Continental pilots protesting near the Stock Exchange pulled in nearly 150,000 views in a day, thanks to Reddit users’ upvotes:

United/Continental pilots march on Wall Street

Of all the protest photos I took that day (this was a 15-minute break in the work day, since it took place a block away from my office), this was the least interesting to me. The pilots were arranged for a photo-op, so this is a photo of a photo-op. But I submitted it to Reddit because it was the most straightforward; yes, it’s a protest on Wall Street, but one with specific grievances against a specific corporation and not one that necessarily endorses the ongoing #occupywallst protest.

Still, the appetite for protest is big and these meticulously dressed pilots holding a picket make for a striking image. And a good number of them probably sympathize with the anti-Wall Street sentiment of the Zuccotti Park campers.

My personal favorite image from the bunch is this one, even with its weak composition, just because it was such a funny coincidence for someone who had a particular resemblance to a certain Golden Age actress to be walking down Broadway at the same time as a stream of pilots dressed in the same elegance as that period:
Woman in white, pilots

I also like this one, because of the rhythm of the pilots’ uniforms and hats, contrasted with some guy just trying to get down Broad street:

Pilots walk down Broad Street, near Stock Exchange

The Daily Dot wrote about the photo’s popularity here.

Casting Call, New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 (NYFW, with ACW Worldwide)

I had an opportunity to document one of the ceremonies behind the New York Fashion Week: a casting call, in which hundreds of models line up to be sized up by a casting director. They’re asked to look natural (i.e. not overdo makeup) and let down their hair, and then show their walk.

This casting call was held by Andrew Weir and his ACW Worldwide at the Hudson Hotel. Even though I was documenting the day rather than taking formal portraits, I don’t think there was a minute in which the models weren’t in some kind of pose, subconscious or not, when they sensed a camera near them.

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