A bizarre letter gets past the NJ Clifton Journal’s copy editors

(update: It’s not clear if this is some joke by someone impersonating Mr. Bernascone…someone by his name does exist in Paterson, NJ, and has left a noticeable Internet trail well before this bizarre letter…or if he is just having fun with the paper…)

Wow, either the newspaper is experimenting with having the online standard for letters be the same for their actual print content, or someone didn’t have/pay the copy editors (though the bracketed paraphrase indicates that someone read at least the first paragraph). From reddit WTF:

Clifton Journal Letters to the Editor

Just in case you think it’s a fake, as I did, Google cache captured the letter as it appeared (and was apparently removed today) in the Clifton Journal, a New Jersey paper.

Bernascone has written to the paper before. One of his other letters, apparently on bear hunting, was referenced in a letter, by a Ms. Baurys, right below his playing-with-stepkids-underwater letter on the website:

Clifton-Journal-Jan.-7,-2011---NorthJersey Google Cache. Click to enlarge

This is Bernascone’s letter re: bear hunting, as it was published on the website on Dec. 31, 2010, just a couple weeks ago. He makes an impassioned argument against modern bear hunting, that hunters today “are sorry excuses for hunters, especially when they also went out and killed babies in cold blood. All they wanted was something to hang in their immature trophy room to boast to other immature little boys.”

OK, cares for bears, likes relaxing by the lake…Maybe someone from the bear hunting lobby trying to impersonate Bernascone? If the editors aren’t checking closely for content, they probably aren’t requiring ID (or a phone call) before printing the letters…In November of this year, he wrote a letter railing on the “greed” of high-salary earning superintendents.

Another reddit user found another letter…this one, and the one about bears and superintendents, are a lot more…political and civic-minded than the one about playing with his stepkids to relieve stress.

Whatever he thinks of his stepchildren, he loves his wife. He wrote this online memorial for her. Here they are in this networking profile, where he describes himself as “‘an easy going, laid back, funny and comical person. Comedy keeps me sane, otherwise I’d be insane in the membrane.”

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