A good way for Google Buzz to recruit the dumbest users on Facebook

My colleague Jeff pointed out this ReadWriteWeb article on how Facebook wants to be the web’s main login service. It apparently jumped to the top of Google’s search results…which means trouble for the kind of people who Google “Yahoo”, in order to find yahoo.com.

Incidentally…these are the kind of people who are too dumb to tell the difference between a blog article about Facebook and a Facebook redesign. As evidenced by these hilariously confused comments:

I am going to delete my account (IF I CAN EVER LOG IN) as this SUCKS BIG TIME ! If this does not get back to NORMAL you are going to lose a lot of folks who hate this and as you can see from all the comments they think it sucks too !!! facebook was great for connecting with old friends …now, NOT SO MUCH. SO HOW DO I LOG IN ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Laraine T Posted by: Laraine T. Author Profile Page | February 10, 2010 12:12 PM

If Google is looking for a not-totally-evil-but-still-really-mean way to lure Facebook users over to Buzz…its algorithm could place an article about Facebook on buzz.google.com at the top of the search results for “Facebook login.” But then you’d only lure the most clueless from Facebook…and if Facebook login is an obstacle for them…Buzz is going to have them punch their monitors out.

ReadWriteWeb helpfully put up this notice for wayward Google users:

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