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Stand to lose weight

A NYT Opinionator reminding us how the gradual drag of modern-day-life makes us fat and die. “Stand Up While You Read This”

For many people, weight gain is a matter of slow creep — two pounds this year, three pounds next year. You can gain this much if, each day, you eat just 30 calories more than you burn. Thirty calories is hardly anything — it’s a couple of mouthfuls of banana, or a few potato chips. Thus, a little more time on your feet today and tomorrow can easily make the difference between remaining lean and getting fat.

You may think you have no choice about how much you sit. But this isn’t true. Suppose you sleep for eight hours each day, and exercise for one. That still leaves 15 hours of activities. Even if you exercise, most of the energy you burn will be burnt during these 15 hours, so weight gain is often the cumulative effect of a series of small decisions: Do you take the stairs or the elevator? Do you e-mail your colleague down the hall, or get up and go and see her? When you get home, do you potter about in the garden or sit in front of the television? Do you walk to the corner store, or drive?

When I was your age, ramming a plane into an office building full of civilians with intent to murder them was considered an unjustifiable, evil action no matter what the politcal point you were trying to make

We really have recovered from 9/11. Back then, it would’ve been political suicide to say anything remotely sympathetic about Osama bin Laden’s anti-American-interventionist views, because mass murdering civilians was rightfully considered an inherently wrong way to make a political point.

Now, when Joe Stack flies a plane into an IRS building, a pro-military (the military still relies on IRS-gathered tax revenue to operate) and moral-absolutist (i.e. believing that there is such thing as right and wrong in this world, no matter the circumstances) Congressman can say, in a row-back apology for earlier remarks: I understand the deep frustration with [American civilian building targeted for murder to make a point against the American way of life].

Maybe the difference is that Stack only managed to kill one man (Vernon Hunter, an American serviceman who served two tours in Vietnam). If he had killed a thousand, maybe there’d be less room for moral equivocating. But it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt that if he had the resources, he wouldn’t have tried for a more destructive attack; after all, he burned his own house down and left his wife and family homeless.

Mike Siwek, Lawyer from Michigan, shows how Google dominates

…Slight edit: To see Mike Siwek’s actual listing, try this directory for Mike Siwek, lawyer from Michigan. This blog post has become my most visited in the past few days, because apparently leading this post title (and thus the page’s title) with “Mike Siwek” makes it the top Google result for mike siwek lawyer mi. Dustin Woodward from Web Search Connoisseur points out that I screwed everything up. Maybe this link back to what might be Mr. Siwek’s original (albeit, unhelpful) listing will restore balance to the Google.

Amusingly, my blog post does not appear in the top ten results for this query in either Bing’s or Yahoo’s version of .”mike siwek lawyer mi.” Possibly because those guys have it in for me. But more likely, it’s because those engines look for that query literally, so that the top results are pages with that exact phrase. My blog post uses “Michigan,” so the Google’s engine propensity to suss out your abbreviations gives more prominence to “Michigan” over “mi”.

A nice read at Wired about Google’s all-knowing search engine, but, not surprisingly, short on technical details (the timeline of major search innovations is pretty informative, though). The author, Steven Levy, uses the example query of mike siwek lawyer mi to demonstrate why Google stands above the others.

Amit Singhal types that koan into his company’s search box. Singhal, a gentle man in his forties, is a Google Fellow, an honorific bestowed upon him four years ago to reward his rewrite of the search engine in 2001. He jabs the Enter key. In a time span best measured in a hummingbird’s wing-flaps, a page of links appears. The top result connects to a listing for an attorney named Michael Siwek in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s a fairly innocuous search — the kind that Google’s servers handle billions of times a day — but it is deceptively complicated. Type those same words into Bing, for instance, and the first result is a page about the NFL draft that includes safety Lawyer Milloy. Several pages into the results, there’s no direct referral to Siwek.

That query no longer works, thanks to the popularity of the Levy article. But a search for shawn carter lawyer ohio is an equivalent demonstration of Google’s savvy. Shawn Carter, of course, is better known as the rapper Jay-Z’s real name. However, Google’s search seems to be able to divine, by the third term, that you are not looking for a rapper, or even the rapper’s lawyer in Arizona. In fact, it guesses that maybe you heard “Sean Carter”, and if so, well, there’s a bunch of relevant “Sean Carter” lawyer links if there happens to not be an actual “Shawn Carter” practicing law in Arizona.

Did you mean: sean carter lawyer az
Search Results

Attorney Sean Carter – Mesa, AZ Lawyer – Cornell LII Lawyer Directory
Mesa, AZ – Sean Carter – – Cornell LII Lawyer Directory. – Cached
Sean Carter, Law Humorist – Sean Carter – Legal Broadcast Network …
Feb 1, 2010 … Sean Carter, Law Humorist. Date Monday, February 1, 2010 at 11:20AM … Sean lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and four sons ……/sean-carter-law-humorist.html – Cached
Sean Carter – Legal Broadcast Network Blog feeds and news
Sean Carter, Law Humorist. Date Monday, February 1, 2010 at 11:20AM … Sean lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and four sons … – Cached
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4. [PDF]
Sean Carter Lawpsided Seminars Mesa, Arizona In nearly a decade of …
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Mesa, Arizona. In nearly a decade of law practice after graduating from Harvard Law School, Sean Carter represented such clients as GNC, Experian, …
About Sean Carter
About Sean Carter. CONTACT US. In nearly a decade of law practice after graduating from … Finally, Sean lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and four sons. – Cached – Similar
Sean Carter on “Balloon Boy” – Scottsdale, AZ, United States …
Sean Carter on “Balloon Boy” – Scottsdale, AZ, United States, … Tags: audio balloon boy carter heene hoax law legal marketing news podcasts public ……/34209.html – Cached
Sean Carter Gilbert Arenas legal issues – Scottsdale, AZ, United …
Sean Carter Gilbert Arenas legal issues – Scottsdale, AZ, United States, … Tags: arenas carter dc drake felony firm gilbert guns law legal locker ……/23913.html?… – Cached

Bing, mentioned in the Wired article as Google’s main threat, takes a different, and arguably more misleading tactic with the same query. The first result finds you a “Shawn Carter” who is a lawyer, but he practices in Addison, TX. The second result is Jay-Z’s wikipedia page.

Shawn Carter :: Lawyer – Addison, Texas (TX) :: Attorney Profile …

Shawn Carter (Addison, Texas) Attorney Profile on, practicing in Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights. Contact Lawyer Shawn … Shawn I. Carter: Link this … AZ Magazine …
o ​lawyer/​Shawn-I-Carter/ ​1cdb553a-e684-4c84-94df-4bf4c9924814.html
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Jay-Z – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shawn Corey Carter: Born: December 4, 1969 (1969-12-04) (age 40) … Whitney High School in Brooklyn, along with rapper AZ … Jay-Z and his lawyers contended he was nowhere around …
o · Wikipedia on Bing
Shawn Carter | Friday Harbor, Washington | PeekYou

Shawn Carter from Friday Harbor on PeekYou. PeekYou is a free service that lets you search … shawn, carter, Doctors, Lawyers, Actors, Actresses, Bloggers, Reporters …
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Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) | Hip Hop Beef | Rap Beef | Hip Hop Beefs | Rap …

AZ; Benzino; Big Pun; Blackalicious; Bone Thugs; Busta Rhymes; Cam’ron … Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z was born on December 4, 1969. Shawn was born and raised in Marcy Houses housing project in …
o · Cached page
ZoomInfo Open People Directory > Carter, Shawn – Carter, Shelley

Tucson, Arizona : Shawn Carter: Virginia News Network: Richmond, Virginia : Shawna Carter … Governmental Lawyers & Legal Professionals, Lawyers & Legal Professionals, …
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Jay-Z: Biography from

Born Shawn Corey Carter on December 4, 1970, in Brooklyn, NY; son of … Although his lawyers have advised him not to discuss the … T.I., Diddy, AZ

Yahoo flops in the same way on this query, returning the Texas lawyer and then a bunch of Jay-Z links.

Shawn Carter :: Lawyer – Addison, Texas (TX) :: Attorney …
Shawn Carter (Addison, Texas) Attorney Profile on, practicing in Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights. Contact Lawyer Shawn Carter.… – Cached
Jay-Z – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Early years|
* Musical career|
* Business ventures|
* Personal life

Shawn Corey Carter, better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is an American rapper and businessman. He is one of the most financially successful hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in… – 243k – Cached
Jay Z (Shawn Carter) – WhoABC Celebrities Guide
Jay Z (Shawn Carter) Profile, Photos, Biography, Films, Quotes, Desktop Wallpapers and more at WhoABC Celebrities Guide .. Find everything about your … – 75k – Cached
Jay-Z: Biography from
Jay-Z , Rapper / Music Producer / Business Personality Born: 4 December 1969 Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York Best Known As: Rapper of ‘Empire State of – 464k – Cached
Steve Stoute: Biography from
Steve Stoute media executive Personal Information Born c. 1971, in New York, NY Education: Attended Syracuse University – 74k – Cached
Elder Law Section 2007 Retreat
4857k – Adobe PDF – View as html
Ethic’s and the Ethical Lawyer. Shawn Carter, Humorist at Law, Arizona [Program ends for the day] Saturday, … Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter. FirstLantic. Florida Comfort Choice …
Jay-Z – Scratchpad Wiki Labs – Free wikis from Wikia
Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969) better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is an … Jay-Z and his lawyers contended he was nowhere around Rivera during the incident … – 138k – Cached
Jay-Z seeks dismissal of wage suit : US Entertainment
Lawyers for Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, argued that the Grammy … Lawyers for Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, argued that the Grammy Award winner and his partner, Juan Perez, … – 52k – Cached

Cuil, the much hyped-for-10-seconds Google killer, is a joke-of-an-incomprehensible-mess as expected with the query:

University |

‘Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter) demands that promoters provide him with ground transportation while he is in town performing. Carter’s dressing room (72 degrees, please) must be stocked with Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, and two bottles of $300 Champagne.
Other Upcoming Films by Latter-day Saint Filmmakers

Cast: Kirby Heyborne, Shawn Carter, Tanner Mudrow, Nate Harper, Charlie Fratto, Taylor Moulton, Elijah Thomas, Parker Hadley, Curt Doussett, Starlee Holman, and Trent Krumenacher. “Scout Camp” is a coming-of-age comedy starring Shawn Carter (High School Musical 3) and Kirby Heyborne (Saints and Soldiers).

Pallbearers were Joseph Carter II, Russell Carter, Shawn Carter, Jamie Carter, Rick McCaslin and B.J. Newport. Carson Funeral Home in Missouri was in charge of arrangements. Billie Jo Carter, age 75, of Mansfield passed away Thursday, November 25, 2004 in a Fort Smith hospital. She was born June 30, 1929 at Tuttle, Oklahoma.
News –

Shawn Carter is the man! According to Nielsen SoundScan Jay-Z’s new album titled “American Gangster” has sold 425, 000 units in the U.S. last week becoming his 10th No. 1 album on The Billboard 200 chart.
This Year in Music Review

Meanwhile, Coldplay singer Chris Martin revealed he was devastated by some of the scathing reviews his album X&Y received in the US, while Jay-Z re-adopted his birthname Shawn Carter in a bid to leave his rapping past behind.

Meanwhile, Aaron Carter’s mother begged him to check into rehab to kick his drug problems.…

history shawn carter s nephew

shawn carter s nephew.

sell harold gans quotient st petersburg sinkhole lawyer

st petersburg sinkhole lawyer.… Music News

Roderick’s lawyer Portasha Moore said she will follow the judge’s order to seek mediation. If Game does not respond, Roderick’s lawyer will be allowed to pursue a default judgment in the case. According to the lawsuit, the rapper was playing for the City Hoops team Liteem-Up in a South Los Angeles location.
Search Articles ::

Jay-Z Unplugged?

Seems like Young Hova aka Jay-Z is going to release an unplugged record! At least, and that’s for sure, Shawn Carter will appear on MTV’s “Unplugged” next month, and an album taken from the show he did on a recent concert will be dropped in mid-december, according to a Roc-A-Fell……
Top Advertising Firm Page with Resources and More

Last year, career music biz and brand man Steve Stoute and rap entrepreneur Jay-Z, aka Shawn Carter, formed Translation Advertising, a New York firm that helps Corporate America advertise with a multicultural sensibility.…

Day of the Tiger: How Newspapers, Networks, and News Aggregators Played Tiger Woods on Friday

On Friday, golfer Tiger Woods held a TV appearance to talk about life after marital problems. At around 2:30 p.m., I screen capped some of the websites for some of the largest news organizations and aggregators. Today, I looked at the screen-caps, cropped them to the top 1600 pixels, and marked in green the areas of the pages devoted to Woods coverage (or related coverage, such as “Slideshow: Top 10 Adultery Confessions).

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A social-media marketer’s guide on Reddit: Bring bacon

Who better understands freedom of the press? An Apple supplier, or Chinese state police?

A Reuters reporter tried to photograph, from the street, a Foxconn plant that was rumored to be manufacturing parts for Apple products. Foxconn guards chased him, stopped the taxi he tried to escape in, and tried to drag him into the factory while beating him.

Who saved the reporter? Chinese police, who had to remind Foxconn guards that it is legal to take pictures from a public street.

In China, a Reuters reporter found out the hard way how seriously some Apple suppliers take security.

Tipped by a worker outside the Longhua complex that a nearby Foxconn plant was manufacturing parts for Apple too, our correspondent hopped in a taxi for a visit to the facility in Guanlan, which makes products for a range of companies.

As he stood on the public road taking photos of the front gate and security checkpoint, a guard shouted. The reporter continued snapping photos before jumping into a waiting taxi. The guard blocked the vehicle and ordered the driver to stop, threatening to strip him of his taxi license.

The correspondent got out and insisted he was within his rights as he was on the main road. The guard grabbed his arm. A second guard ran over, and with a crowd of Foxconn workers watching, they tried dragging him into the factory.

The reporter asked to be let go. When that didn’t happen, he jerked himself free and started walking off. The older guard kicked him in the leg, while the second threatened to hit him again if he moved. A few minutes later, a Foxconn security car came along but the reporter refused to board it. He called the police instead.

After the authorities arrived and mediated, the guards apologized and the matter was settled. The reporter left without filing a complaint, though the police gave him the option of doing so.

“You’re free to do what you want,” the policeman explained, “But this is Foxconn and they have a special status here. Please understand.”

The rest of the article is quite interesting and asserts that Apple’s obsession with secrecy permeates into its supply chain, causing each supplier to be extremely stringent with their employees and goods.

Last year, a Foxconn employee in China jumped to his death, reportedly after being interrogated by his employer on suspicion of sneaking out an iPhone prototype. The blame can’t be placed all on Apple, as this Reuters article from July 2009 points out: Chinese counterfeiters, and lack of enforcement of intellectual property laws, makes the theft of product a bit more damaging to the bottom line.

As for whether secrecy itself makes an Apple product more desirable…I’ve known about the iPad for a month, with all of its shortcomings. I’m still thinking about getting one. The problem is the product iterations; I waited for the new iPod model because I assumed it had a camera. If it leaked out that the new iPod touch was a minor increment, I would’ve gotten my Canon S90 point-and-shoot a lot earlier…

Throwback Pepsi – Made with Real Sugar

Have been avoiding pop for the last few weeks, but this caught my eye at my local halal cart. Apparently, Pepsi wanted to give anti-high-fructose-corn fans some real sugar. Somewhere, an Iowa farmer is crying.

Don’t think I could tell the difference in a blind taste test. The “throwback” Pepsi (and Mountain Dew) will be available until June 13.